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Infertility and Psychotherapy

The moment that you decide you are ready to become a parent, is the moment you are ready. Waiting can feel agonizing especially as the months pass and disappointments accumulate. Though millions of people in this country are affected by infertility and one in eight couples have difficulties becoming pregnant, it can be one of the most isolating experiences for a couple to go through.

Often the case, couples remain private about their struggles to have children and tend to avoid the topic with friends, family and colleagues. While turning inward is a normal reaction to infertility, over time those touched by it may find they are becoming more depressed and anxious in the process.

In my own struggle to become a parent and bearing witness to the stories of many women and men personally and professionally, I gained a deep understanding for what happens along the way. It afforded me the perspective to compassionately and practically guide people through their own journeys of navigating the medical components and surviving the emotional roller coaster.

If you or someone you know is facing Infertility, please consider contacting me to set up an appointment.
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