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Welcome to my private practice website. Chances are you arrived here because you or someone that you care about is going through a difficult time and needs the support of an experienced professional. Gathering information is one of the most powerful ways that you can begin the process of healing and making positive changes in your life. Congratulations on simply taking the steps toward that journey today.

Everyone has some level of stress in their life to contend with. How do you know when its time for therapy? Most people have endured painful life events and for reasons such as upbringing, culture and other factors, may have a range of attitudes when it comes to seeking help from others. Some people are more comfortable with the idea of going for therapy and speaking to someone who can offer a trusted and trained outsider's perspective and counsel. Others may believe that seeking therapy is a sign of weakness, or an indication that something is "wrong" with them because they cannot solve their own problems. A good measure of when it is appropriate to find a therapist is when you begin to think that things feel too overwhelming to navigate on your own.

If you feel that your suffering is getting in the way of how you feel about yourself, how you are managing in the day to day parts of your life, and how you are getting along in personal and professional relationships, it may be time for you to reach out for a therapist. It could be an old and recurring problem that you are ready to look at in a fresh way. Perhaps you have just gone through a new and life-changing experienced and feel at a loss for how to cope and meet the challenges you are facing. Research shows that just the act of reaching out for help can begin to make a positive difference in how you feel. Simply by visiting my website, and gathering information, you have begun the process of advocating for yourself or a loved one.

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